Monday, May 31, 2010

Cute Little Man

I've been in Arizona since last Wednesday evening. I got to spend time with my friend Judy and some of her family. Then, I got to meet this little guy on Thursday.

This is Rylan. He is my friend Heather's son. He was born the day before Rylee's 6th birthday. Heather was with me when Rylee was born. So sweet...Rylan and Rylee. Heather and her family live in NY, not far from where we lived in PA. But, now we live much further apart. (sad face)

This is my mom holding Rylan. I've been blessed to spend some time with this family while being here for the wedding of our mutual friend Denelle. I've also been able to spend some time with other friends. It's been neat.

More pictures to a cute pic of Rylan's big brother Isaac with his Aunt Megan.

Stay tuned...

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