Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ann!

Today is my step-mom's birthday. I won't divulge her age; that's just not nice. Though, she has aged very gracefully, I must say!
Ann has been my step-mom for almost 23 years. When I was little and at a store with just her, people would assume she was my mom because we both had dark hair. When she joined my family, she brought me a sister. Then, a few later, another sister. I have been blessed because my family has many wonderful ladies in it!Ann can dance and enjoys music; she has a beaming smile; she loves to get a tan in the summertime; Ann likes to give gifts; she can be adventurous (parasailing with me in Florida in '01); she likes simplicity and neatness; Ann is smart (she went back to school as an adult to be a dental hygienist and was top in her class); she is organized; and she loves her family.
Happy Birthday, Ann! May this next year be full of blessings and may today be a celebration of your life and all the living you've done up until now!


  1. What a beautiful tribute! Happy birthday to Ann!

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