Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Having a Son

There are things I'm learning about having a boy.

My sweet Asa is a joy and delight. He has a tender heart and gentle spirit. He is much more like Joel than me.

He was cautious for a very long time, but is now gaining in bravery. He loves to climb trees, fences, furniture...anything. Last summer he was the most brave in the water - being the first to just go for it and jump in off the side. He likes bugs and loves to turn over the bricks outside to find what's living underneath.
Asa is also like Joel in that he can draw really well. He likes to draw firetrucks and buildings. While he isn't so great with identifying all the letters of the alphabet when I point them out, he can draw people better than I can.
He loves to build with his Legos, Lincoln Logs, and blocks. He also loves guns, especially the Nerf gun he got a few months ago. (We ended up buying one for each of the kids and for Daddy; it's hilarious when they all get going.)
Asa is tenderhearted. When we were hiking in Arizona and the wind picked up, he got scared. He doesn't like thunder and lightning, either. He is very concerned about the weather and for a long time was having issues with being scared at night. (Thankfully we prayed against fear and he seems to be doing much better!)
My precious son will often burst out in singing praise songs. But, he's a little bit more shy than my girls and is often drown out by them, so you don't hear it much unless he's by himself. He's so much like his daddy!
He also loves to eat...and eat and eat and eat. Right at this moment he is sneaking another piece of watermelon off the counter. He is also my crier. If he gets upset or frustrated, he just can't handle it and cries. We're working on that one since the alternative to him crying is usually him hitting. Gotta find a balance in there.
So, why am I telling you all his about my little man? Because he's the one who brought his mama flowers twice in the last two days. These are from a friend's house on Sunday...
and these are from our neighbors yard (who helped him pick them).

Then, I came in to find this...
can't tell what it is?
Look at it more closely.
Yep, the boy hung a fake mouse on my pantry door!
I love this little man.


  1. What a totally sweet blog post. :) Love it! I'd like to see some of his artwork!

  2. I love that little guy! He's a charmer with a gentle spirit. He's hilarious when he first wakes up. The first words out of his mouth are, "I'm hungry!" as he wipes his eyes. He can be a chatter box when not around his sisters and LOVES to help with any project that involves tools.

  3. I miss all of you....and you have described ASA so well! He's all of those things and more....well, he's Asa!!
    Give him a big hug for Nana!!!