Monday, May 31, 2010

More Pics, as promised

This is the lovely bride I came to see walk down the aisle to pledge her love and life to Jerry. She was a radiant bride. Her wedding was beautiful. It was a great celebration and lots of fun. As a bonus treat, I had lunch with the newlyweds today. How incredibly special is that?!

Congratulations Denelle & Jerry!

Isaac is the cutest little man. He was fascinated with the camera and I used it to lure him into my lap for a cozy picture. He soon realized I wasn't so strange and actually let me kiss him on the cheek.
He likes to help with his baby brother Ry-Ry. Rylan looks just like his daddy and Isaac looks just like his mommy. Such sweet boys!

I went to lunch with friends after church and enjoyed seeing Randen holding Rylan. He was very proud.
And, I've been working on a project for 18 months that I finally finished! Back when I was pregnant with Rylee, my friend Heather made a cross-stitch for me that was beautiful. We had it framed and it has hung in Rylee's room ever since. (well, it's temporarily off exhibit because we keep changing the girls' room around and it needs a major overhaul, but that's another post entirely)
As I mentioned in a previous post, Heather was with Joel and me when Rylee made her debut into this world. She and her hubby Paul did not start their family until almost 5 years after us. One day, when she was about 7 months pregnant with her first, I saw the same cross-stitch at Michael's and thought "I have to make that for her!"
let's pause here. please note: I have not ever done a large cross-stitch. I cross-stitched a cluster of 3 balloons that was about 2x2 inches when I was 12 years old. I have three young children and serve in ministry.
So, I started the cross-stitch in December of 2008. I took it with me on our trip to India in January '09. Isaac, the planned recipient of the gift, was born in January while we were gone. I worked on it here and there, but would set it down for months and not work on it. Then, I knew I'd be seeing Heather and meeting Isaac in September, so I worked furiously to finish it. During my trip, I got the flu and knew there was no way I'd get it done. I set it down again after returning home. During that trip, I found out Heather was expecting baby #2. So, I began working on the cross-stitch again. In February I planned this trip to Arizona for Denelle's wedding and knew I'd see Heather and get to meet the new baby. The cross-stitch HAD to get done! I had a deadline.
I have worked frantically to finish this project and today it is complete! I am so proud. You have no idea. Well, you might since I'm writing so much about it and posting it on my blog! I feel very accomplished. Someone said to me as I was working on it, "Oh, you cross-stitch." My response, "No, I do not. This is my first project and my last. It was a special deal."

So, there you go.


  1. Those big cross stitches are a HUGE amount of work. You did awesome!

  2. The cross stitch looks great!!

  3. The cross stitching gift alone was such a special gift (I know how much work went into it! ;) and even more so since you had kids to watch in the midst of it!) but knowing that it's your first and last project makes it even more amazing! I will cherish it forever! Love you!