Sunday, May 2, 2010

For Postings Sake

Thanks to Lisa, I need to post something. She told me today that I haven't posted much lately. She's right.

Hmm...why is that?

Well, let's see. First, I think it's because we haven't done that many exciting things lately. We've just been busy with regular daily life. That's always "exciting", but I haven't really taken any pictures. That would be reason number two. Reason number three is other projects. I sit down at this computer and usually have five or more things on my to do list. Then, if I waste any time by looking at other things (reading blogs, checking Facebook, googling things, looking at Craigslist, or reading emails), I don't have time to finish my to do list and can't possibly think about writing a post.

So, why now? Well, because Lisa said I should.

The biggest reason I think I haven't written anything, though, is my own heart, emotions, and the "place" I find myself these days.

I can't believe I'm even writing this to be posted, but I said I'd be real on here, so here goes.

We went to Arizona in March and I have felt off-kilter ever since. I just looked that word up in the thesaurus because I'm cool like that and wondered if it was really a word. It is. Off-kilter means "unbalanced, off balance, out of order, disordered, confused, muddled, disoriented, out of tune, out of whack". Hmmm...that's spot on!

I can't fully describe this off-kilter feeling, but there are many things that have contributed. The trip itself served to throw me off. We spent a few weeks intensely planning, then two weeks intensely traveling and sharing, and then came home back to normal life. Boom! So, there's an element that is just "post trip" adjustment.

A few other things have been happening: my tasks in the office have been varied and less consistent than they were before my trip, a very close friend of mine here in Texas has been battling breast cancer since Christmas and the last treatments were the hardest (they are now done; praise the Lord!), I got sick (which doesn't happen often), and I've been wrestling with God on a few things.

I honestly don't like to admit that I'm feeling so off-kilter, but it's the truth and I'm all about that. It's nothing dramatic or life moving, but just has led to fewer blog posts. I'm sure not too many people are impacted, but for those couple of you reading the blog who might have wondered...there you go.

I got my hair cut this week. I like it. Maybe I'll start posting more now that I like my hair again.

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  1. "Maybe I'll start posting more now that I like my hair again."

    Ha ha, I LOVE that sentence! The hair is adorable.

    That "off-kilter" feeling just zaps your energy, doesn't it? Praying for renewed peace and joy for you.