Thursday, July 1, 2010

Baby #4 will be Baby #4

I saw this precious picture on the screen today at my ultrasound. Baby #4, called "gummy bear" by the tech, has a strong heartbeat and is right on track for being 9 weeks 4 days along. So, my due date is January 30, 2011.
I was asked what I "wanted" it to be (single, twins...). I was okay with either. Joel's big fear in having another one has always been that we'd have two again. It was a little overwhelming at times to have 2 babies and one who was not quite 2 years older--at least for the first year and a half. But, we have survived and thrived!

I'm excited that there's just one baby. Since there's just one, I'll tell you my reasons for being excited at just one:
--I might get to have a VBAC. Maybe I'll even get to do a more "natural" delivery. We'll see! You can go ahead and pray that I'll go into labor on my own since I never have.
--One baby seems very doable! Sling that baby and I can actually move around the house. I can cuddle with one baby--two at a time is a little harder. I always felt pulled.
--One baby means we don't have to buy a new van! Seriously.
--One baby means it's more likely we will travel next spring/summer to visit friends and family.
--One baby means I can probably breastfeed and get through the rough spots that became impossible with my twins and ended my nursing with them.
--One baby means I already have a car seat and stroller that someone gave me! It also means I can continue not regretting selling my double stuff--the second bouncer, second crib, second car seat, etc.

I'm okay with whatever the Lord brings. I really am. But, I just thought I'd share some of the reasons why I was hoping it was one baby. I have a whole other list for reasons I was hoping it was another set of twins. But, the Lord is good and He knows exactly what our family needs. At this point, I am just elated that I saw a heart beating and everything is going well.

We appreciate your prayers for continued good health and adjustment as our family grows.


  1. What a CUTE ultrasound! I'm so excited for healthy baby #4! Praying for a healthy pregnancy for you & the baby and a fantastic labor & delivery with you going into labor on your own.

  2. The ultrasound pictures are soooo amazing. I'll be praying for your special blessing!