Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quiet on the Home Front

Sorry the blog got very quiet this week.

Being pregnant can be exhausting.

I remember when my first friend my age was pregnant. I asked a mutual friend how she was doing. When she replied "just really tired and staying close to home right now," I remember thinking "why?! Isn't that supposed to be at the end of pregnancy?" I was so clueless!

I was a little more fatigued during my first trimester with Rylee and I was queasy. I got sick a handful of times. With the twins, I remember my blood sugar would drop if I wasn't careful. But, I don't remember being too tired. This time around...whoa! I'm old, apparently. I've been totally wiped out. I'm just now starting to feel a little less tired. And, I've been very queasy, but I've managed to only get sick one...on vacation.

I'm hoping all this fog will lift and I'll get back to a 'normal' level of energy soon. I'll be entering the second trimester in another 2 weeks and that was always the ticket before. Until then, I apologize for my lack of things to share. It really has been pretty "quiet" around here. Not that my three kids don't make plenty of noise each day, but we've been doing one activity each day and then resting the other half.

This week we ventured to the dentist on Monday and had 2 friends come play for an hour, went to the library on Tuesday, went to the grocery store and pool on Wednesday (that about did me in!), and today I worked in the office while the kids played with friends.

All this "quiet" gives me lots of time to think. I'm trying to enjoy the rest and not wish it away. I know there have been plenty of times I wanted a period of rest and it just wasn't the season. Hopefully I will glorify the Lord in all things, even when I'm resting!

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