Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Brief History

I wrote the following in an email recently as I pondered how quickly time can pass. Enjoy!

We got married and celebrated one year when I found out 2 months later I was expecting our first baby (a big surprise!). The next 9 months were focused on this new life growing in me and then on the new baby that consumed us and transformed our lives. I don't know that we ever caught our breath before we found out I was carrying two more tiny people inside my tummy.

We sold our first house, bought our second, began fixing it up, and tried to prepare for the craziness to come. Craziness came, for sure. Rylee wasn't quite 2 years old (didn't talk and was still in diapers) when we added two more babies to the mix. Life that first year was crazy and amidst it all (including youth ministry, which is what we did at the time), God began stirring our hearts to missions.

The twins were 6 weeks old when we first said "yes" to the Lord to go where He called. That year is a blur. The following year had us coming to interview in Texas, returning home to raise support, putting our house up for sale after fixing a few things, then packing up our kiddos (ages 3, 18 mos x2) and moving across the country.

That brought us to Texas to serve on staff with GFA. Life has settled, but looking at the wedding pictures above my bed yesterday, I marveled at all God has done and how quickly life moves.

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  1. It really is amazing how much has happened in that length of time! And now #4 on the way.... What an exciting, blessed life!