Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our House Guest

This is Matt. He lived with us for 8 weeks this summer while he is serving as an intern at the ministry in the Graphics Department. Matt still has another 5 weeks of ministry with us, but he has moved in with another family for the second half.
We have enjoyed having Matt with us. He is a very sweet guy who loves the Lord and looks forward to all God is teaching him.

Our kids like Uncle Matt and had fun messing around with him in the evenings. Matt was such an easy guy to have living with us. We will miss him. He was a great jokester with the kids and loved to tease them. Many times I would get on them only to turn the corner and then find myself saying "Okay Matt, don't provoke" with a smile on my face.

We took Matt to Ft. Worth a few weeks ago to watch the bulls run. (ha! They walk at a saunter down the brick street, but they are definitely cool to see.) We also ate some yummy ribs while there. It was all-you-can-eat for a really decent price! Matt had bunches.
Matt is staying at the ministry longer than some interns stay, which is neat because he gets to really understand what we do. Joel has already had 3 interns this year; one back in January and two thus far this summer. It's always fun to have college students added into the mix of things to teach the staff new stuff and to be taught. We always hear neat testimonies of how the Lord has worked in their lives through their time with the ministry. This is our first time to actually host a student, which has given us lots more opportunities to get to know him.

If you know a student who might be interested in an internship, they can check out the GFA website here. We also have a School of Discipleship for students ages 18-25 to come spend a year serving at GFA, growing in their walk with Christ, and take a trip to India. More info can be found on the website, as well.

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