Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good Blog

Sometimes, just sometimes, I get accused of spending too much time on the computer.

Often, I'm guilty.

I say I'm guilty only often because a little bit of what I must do involves the computer--finances (paying bills, our checkbook, accounts), keeping in touch with supporters (reading about them, emailing, and keeping our blog updated), looking up information, work related to GFA, etc. The rest of what I do is usually wasting time (though lots of fun and not necessarily bad).

I don't like how much time I spend on the computer, though. It's something I'm trying to get a handle on.

But, I also spend time reading blogs. Sometimes it isn't so good for me. As I've said before on here, sometimes I read blogs and then feel worse about myself because I compare my life to others. I get jealous or envious. Sometimes it's not good because I get proud. So, I have to be careful about what I read.

But, there is a blog I read that has really challenged me. There's a link over in my sidebar, but I figured I'd post about it too. I found the blog when I was looking for a discussion forum or something on Shepherding a Child's Heart, the parenting book we really like by Tedd Tripp.
Heather, the blog's author, writes in a very down-to-earth style and often addresses issues that are completely on target for stuff I'm dealing with in life. Most recently she posted a link to a video that she liked and it got lots of responses from people. She ended up writing lots more on the topic, which happens to be about women working and the role of women. I like Heather's approach to always go to the Word for truth. Here's a link to the post that sort of sums up a lot of it.

I'm not saying I always agree with everything she says. But, if you are looking for a blog that is fun to read (stylistically) and can really challenge you to grow in your walk with Christ (particularly you ladies out there), I encourage you to see what Heather has written.

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