Saturday, October 4, 2008

Helpful Doctor, Great Physician, Good Medicine

Great Physician--We had all night prayer last night and it was great!
Good Medicine--Laughter and fun. Had by me and the kiddos this morning as we painted.
Helpful Doctor--I've found a chiropractic office that I think is really going to help me!

Rylee and Asa with Melissa, another GFA kid
We start off prayer nights with worship, which the kids enjoy.
Jenna sitting with Daddy before we start singing.
They shared video of the interns' recent trip to India before prayer started.
This was our view from the back row (a good place to sit with little kids).
After worship, we take Jenna & Asa to a room where they go to sleep.
Rylee stays up a little longer to pray with us, then she crashes too.

We head home around 12:30am after enjoying the fellowship time of the midnight break. One of us often returns to pray more while the other one gets much-needed sleep since the kids still get up at 7am.

This morning Joel made two doorways for the kids using the box our new sink came in. They loved it! Such a creative and thoughtful Daddy!
We went outside so they could paint their doors.
They were LOVING it! I even painted some.

The girls had a "castle door" while Asa's was a "fire station door".
Since we were outside (and I was busy talking to my daddy on the phone),
we let them go crazy with the watercolors.
They all had painted toes when we were done.

This afternoon I went to the chiropractor recommended by our friends. They do massage in combination with adjustments. It's GREAT! Real massages! Today the therapist focused on my bad spot and told me all about my piriformis muscle, which I didn't know I had. I learned a little about it there and was shown how to stretch it. Then, I read online about it. So cool! I think it really is what's been bothering me. We'll see. I go back Tuesday for an adjustment (I've only had 15 min. massages and evals so far...oh, darn!). Relaxed muscles feel so much better than tight ones!


  1. I love the pics, too! Can't believe you let them paint their toes!! What will they think of next??