Sunday, October 19, 2008

Support Trip

Hopefully I'll get some photos uploaded soon. But, this text will have to do for now.

Our flight was smooth from Dallas to Baltimore. The drive from Baltimore to Harrisburg was full of laughter. My kids were enjoying the entertainment of the crew that picked us up! Well, except Asa, who slept for that car ride.

We enjoyed a simple and delicious dinner at our friend's home (where we're staying) prepared by several other good friends. It was great to see some special people right when we got here. It took the kids a little bit to warm up. It probably didn't help that Asa had just woke up and that Jenna had just nodded off before we reached the house. Plus, we aren't really sure who they remember since we've been gone a year. But, once they were all fully awake, they were giggling and running around like usual.

Today we shared at our sending church, New Love in Christ Church, where Joel served on staff for 5 years. It was a great blessing to see our church family here and catch up. Warm, welcoming hugs greeted us, as did lots of smiling faces.

Joel taught the message in both services and we both shared during the Sunday school hour in the Auditorium. We explained what we 'do' at GFA and talked a lot about prayer. We have both grown so much in the area of prayer since joining staff a year ago. We even shared some information about Orissa and had the group break up and pray in smaller groups. It was great!

This evening we were blessed to spend time with a family very dear to us. I'm finding my heart aches that I've missed so much of doing life with them. But, I constantly remember that the Lord called us to serve with GFA and these aches are minor in comparison to the privilege we have of reaching millions with the Gospel who have never before heard that Jesus loves them! Plus, it just means I need to be better about emailing and calling them!

Thank you for praying for us while we're traveling and are away from home. Joel will be sharing at a men's breakfast tomorrow morning. We will visit with more friends, as well.

Some specific prayer requests:
--I have a cough. I think my allergies started acting up when I got on the plane. Please pray for completely restored health and rest for me.
--Pray the kids would take good naps. They really need them. Today the twins fought it and then conked out on the way to meet friends. Pray we will have grace in parenting when we face these 'battles' sometimes.
--Pray we will seek the Lord and spend time with Him more, not less, as our days are filled with visiting, playing, and sharing. It's easy to go on vacation with quiet times and prayer when we are out of our normal routine.

Check back soon for some fun pics of our travels.

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  1. I'm praying for you guys! Thanks for the update!

    By the way, still working with GFA on accessing my online account.