Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update from Pennsylvania

These pictures aren't in order. They're actually in reverse order. But, I did manage to put the picture of us on the plane first. Here are the kids coloring in the seats. It was a short flight and they did very well. We even had a lady sitting by us tell us how well behaved our kids were. That's a blessing!

We went to visit Mrs. Helen on Tuesday. Joel grew up cutting her grass and helping her around her property. She moved to Lebanon earlier this year, which is close to Harrisburg. It was great to see her. Asa loved the turtle at her house!

Here's Joel with Mrs. Helen.

Our kids love Mrs. Denise and Mr. George.

Mrs. Denise played play dough with them!

GaGa Paula read them lots of books while we were at her house on Monday.

We went down to see the ducks. Pappy carried Jenna. How sweet!

Jenna was the only kiddo willing to pose to pictures.

Here's our welcoming crew at the Baltimore airport. Becca, Dani, Ben, and Jonah came to greet us (along with Diane, not pictured).

Our only mishap coming from Dallas to PA...the zipper on our suitcase broke causing the contents to spill out when Joel grabbed it off the conveyor! Oh well...the bag was well used and it only happened AFTER the flight!

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  1. Hey there! Great to see pictures of all from "home"!! Isn't making memories fun??? Tell everyone hello!

    Love ya,