Saturday, October 25, 2008

More of Our Trip to PA

I will upload more pictures soon--just not right now.

Our trip has been lots of fun. Thank you to ALL of you who are praying for us! The kids have handled the various sleeping arrangements very well (not always the same place or the normal time).

After being frustrated that the twins wouldn't go to sleep on Sunday afternoon, I let them get up and just play. I reminded myself that there was no need to stress about it and they would adjust. Sure enough, they both fell asleep about an hour later as we drove to meet friends for dinner. Thankfully the ride was long enough for them to get some much needed rest.

We have had great times visiting with friends. We have enjoyed almost every meal with a different family--catching up on the last year of their lives and sharing details about all God's doing in ours. It's really neat to explain the specifics of what God's been teaching us and realize just how much He's been at work!

We knew God was taking us to GFA and Carrollton to grow us, but we had no idea the areas or how He would do it. The best part is that it has been full of joy. We've had tougher times here and there, but I honestly can say it has been good. Maybe it hasn't seemed so unbearable because we wanted to be broken and grown. Maybe I can look back on this last year and say it was good because in light of eternity my momentary discomfort pales in comparison. Either way, it's been neat to realize all God's done and is doing.

We will worship with our church family at New Love in Christ tomorrow, eat lunch with whatever friends want to join us, and then participate in the East Shore Baptist Church Mission Fest starting tomorrow night (going through Wed night).

Please continue praying for us. We appreciate your partnership!

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