Sunday, January 16, 2011

38 weeks and holding

I'm 38 weeks pregnant today. It's hard to believe we'll have another little one in our family in less than two weeks!
We are all excited for him to arrive.
The girls got their toenails painted this morning and the arrangement is that Asa gets a temporary tattoo when that happens (to keep him from wanting his toes painted). We had a tattoo that goes around your belly button. So, Asa put it on my belly! (I'll spare you the up close me.)
The girls think my belly button is cool all flattened out. The skin is very soft.


  1. That tattoo is so funny. Makes you look like an edgy mama. :)

  2. i am SO edgy! ha! someone asked on FB if Asa wasn't kissing b/c the baby is a boy. nope. he was just being ornery. he loves to talk to the baby and kiss my belly and feel him kick, too.