Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Christmas...the New Year can wait

I wanted to post some more pictures from Christmas.
because I haven't yet.
and because i can.We began our morning by reading the story of Jesus' birth. Then, the kids opened their last box from the kit "What God Really Wants for Christmas". We talked about giving Jesus our lives and loving Him. We also did our hunt for the baby Jesus. (You can see our video from 2 years ago here. I haven't done one for this year yet.) Then, we ate breakfast and finally opened presents!There was no shortage of doting around here as grandparents sent money for gifts, our church in PA sent the kids gifts, and Uncle Chris arrived with gifts!By far, my favorite thing to watch was the way the kids acted as others were opening the gifts they bought them! The girls were very excited to see Asa's reaction as he opened the silly bands, G.I. Joe guy, and Legos they picked out for him.Asa bought Jenna a new pair of sparkly red shoes. She had a pair earlier in 2010 but outgrew them. They were her favorites. What a sweet and thoughtful brother!The girls were waiting on pins and needles as Daddy opened the gift they picked just for him. It was a sweet Demdaco statue called "My Girls". I think they began to understand the joy in giving!Then, Asa could hold out no longer. Daddy asked "So what did you get me buddy?" and Asa spilled the beans. He had done so well to resist the temptation that week!
Uncle Chris got a gift certificate to one of his favorite places, Waffle House...wrapped up with a plastic bottle of syrup and a toy waffle!
Rylee got a journal. It's an embroidered case with a removable pad of paper. That's important when your 6 year old loves to write and write and write.We saved their 'big' gift for last. We got a great deal, so they got a Wii.

Then, we spent the rest of the day playing.
Uncle Chris helped Asa build Legos while Daddy and Rylee got to work on some science experiments.The kids were so busy with their other presents that we didn't set up the Wii until the next day. But, it took the kids no time to get into playing!

Sunday afternoon Uncle Chris treated us to a 3D movie, Yogi Bear.Monday we went to Chuck E. Cheese's for a few minutes of playtime.Tuesday we had to say goodbye to Uncle Chris as he left to fly home.We all had a wonderful Christmas. I enjoyed watching my children grow and mature in their understanding of why we celebrate Jesus' birthday each year. Their generosity has blossomed, as well. It's been great to have Daddy home for many days while the kids were off school, too. And, we've spent time with family and friends. It really was a Merry Christmas!

so now, happy new year.

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  1. What a great Christmas! I love the photo of Asa playing the Wii--great action shot!