Friday, January 14, 2011


We are all excited to greet our new baby boy soon. Just 16 more days until the due date! (We will definitely have him by then since my doctor won't let me go past my due date, having had a c-section with my last pregnancy. But, I appreciate prayers that I will go into labor on my own so I can avoid a repeat c-section!)
Our friends--Sonya and her girls--came over this week to visit. The kids loved holding her baby, who is just 9 weeks old. (Sonya was the twins' teacher last year and they LOVE her to pieces!)

On another note...and I don't like shifting to such a harsh subject, but I got an email this morning from our GFA office in Australia asking us to pray for the flooding in their country. He sent along some pictures. I had heard of the flooding, but these pictures really drive it home. Please take a moment to thank God for His protection on your own family and then join me in praying for those who are affected as if you were in their shoes!

Pray as if you were in prison with me.

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  1. very soon he will be in your arms mama! :O) I am so happy for you! Praying that Joel will go into "labor" before you :O)