Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sad About Superbowl

As you must know by now (if you've read my blog for long), I like to read my friend Heather's blog. She brings to light so many topics that are foreign to me. She's witty and funny and loves Jesus passionately. I just really enjoy following her blog.

My post on Martin Luther King Jr day was spawned because of her post on the same subject. I quoted her ...and the MLK quote she had posted.

Today, her topic is the reality of Sex Trafficking and how some north Texans are spreading the word about the issue since it will become more prevalent in coming weeks as thousands of people descend upon the metroplex for the Superbowl.

I could go on and on about how this issue is awful and horrible. I could tell you how sick to my stomach this makes me. But, instead, I want to commit to prayer.

I see Superbowl things every single day. Dollar Store, WalMart, billboards, commercials, on the news, radio...the fact that the Superbowl will be in Dallas is plastered everywhere!

Will you join with me and pray every time you see an ad or Superbowl stuff? Pray that children will be protected. Pray that law enforcement can do their job. Pray for protection. Pray for the enemy to be bound. Pray, pray, pray.

And, my friend Heather is offering some free tickets to an upcoming conference in Houston on the issue of human trafficking. I would love to attend the conference, but I won't be able to. Not only will I have a one month old baby boy, but my hubby is going to a conference that same weekend. However, YOU can sign up to win. And, then you can come spend a few hours with me and tell me everything you learned.


  1. I was just hearing about this today. Tragic.

  2. Great prayer reminder. Hoping that mentions of the Superbowl will help me remember to pray for this topic.