Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Update

Still preggo. I'm 38 weeks 5 days today. I had an appointment with my obstetrician yesterday and she says I'm progressing (ever so slowly) but the baby is still pretty "high". We made plans for my last week of pregnancy (next week). Having had a c-section with the twins, there are some risks involved in letting me go past my due date. She's concerned with possible scar separation if the baby gets too big. And, she won't induce because pitocin can cause uterine rupture. I'm not willing to take those risks either.

So, if baby boy doesn't come on his own before next Thursday, I will be going in at 5am to have my water broken. I'm hoping that does the trick and he decides to come on out on his own. However, if there are any problems, I will have a repeat c-section. Bottom line: our baby boy will be here by next Thursday evening!

I welcome your prayers for me, baby, and our family. Specifically, here are some things you might pray for:
  • baby boy to come on his own or respond well to the limited 'induction' the doctor does next Thursday, as well as for his overall health.
  • a healthy last week of pregnancy for me (the skin on top of my stomach hurts terribly bad at times from stretching, my blood pressure is great--pray it continues to be so, pray my body will go into labor on its own).
  • my other 3 kiddos. The twins turn 5 years old tomorrow! We are having a simple party for them. Pray for all 3 as we will all have adjustments once the baby arrives.
  • Joel has a kidney stone. It was diagnosed last Monday when he was in pain for the second day. He was fine by the end of the week and we thought it had passed. However, he woke up Wednesday this week with intense pain. With the help of a pain pill, he went to work and was relatively fine all day. He's been fine since then. Pray it passes and that he won't have any pain or issues when it comes time for the baby to arrive!
  • my mom will be coming on Thursday afternoon (the day of delivery) and is scheduled to arrive at 4:30pm. Pray for her safe travel. Ideally, I'd love for her to see the little man make his debut, but it's looking unlikely. Pray we will all have peace about it and that if there's any way for it to happen she will be here for it.
  • anything else you feel led to pray for!
I have a complete peace about our plan for the little guy's arrival. I'm "ready" (as I've been asked a lot lately). I'm still feeling very good. I have a few things I want to do to be more ready, like plan specific meals that my mom can make for our family while she's here and make a list of what I'm taking to the hospital.

Thanks for joining us in our excitement for our growing family!

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  1. Thanks for all the specific prayer requests! I prayed as I read them and have been praying at other times too. I'm so excited for you guys!!