Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Twins

The twins turned 5 years old yesterday! It's hard to believe that much time has passed since they entered this world. They added so much to our family the day they were born. Chaos and constant activity were the first things to come, but that eventually died down some.
Jenna is a people person. She loves to make people laugh and be silly. She also loves to cuddle (definitely more than the other two). She loves preschool and likes to help the teacher (got some of her mama's bossiness in her!). She watches out for others, especially little ones nearby. She is a nurturer. One of her favorite games to play is mama and baby.
Asa is creative. He can draw really well and likes to build with his legos and trio blocks. He loves it most when his daddy can build something with him. Asa also likes to climb and jump. For a long time he was our softy, but he certainly pulled out all the typical boy traits once he hit about 3 1/2 years old. He has the sweetest smile and a tender heart. He thrives when he gets one-on-one time and loves to play the Wii.
We began the twins' birthday with pancakes (cooked by Daddy). Then, we let them each open a birthday present. Jenna got a Strawberry Shortcake Cafe (to go along with her party) and Asa got Firefighter Rescue Heroes (to go along with his party). They got busy playing with their new toys while we finished setting up our house for their friends to arrive.
With the impending birth of our fourth kiddo, we wanted to keep the party small (to make it easier on Mama and just in case we had to postpone it). Each kiddo invited a few close friends. We decided to do a girl party, then a combo party, then a boy party. It flowed together nicely.Jenna had a Strawberry Shortcake theme. The girls arrived and colored a SS drawing. Then, we headed into the living room and they watched a SS video while they each got their nails painted (pink or red). By the time we were done, it was time to eat lunch.Boys arrived to join in the festivities and we all enjoyed pizza, chips, and punch followed by cake and ice cream. The twins opened some birthday presents (their friends were very generous!).
The girls grabbed their treat bags and headed out.Meanwhile, the boys headed out to tour the nearby Fire Station. The firefighters were very generous with their time and gave us a tour inside the fire station. Then, we headed into the bay for a look at the big fire engine and the ambulance. They let the kids climb inside both vehicles and even allowed them to sit on the gurney and pretend to be transported. Each kiddo got a fire hat and sticker as we left.Once we were back home, the boys all got fire engine tattoos and then it was time for them to grab a treat bag and head out.
The twins had lots of fun with their friends and then spent the afternoon checking out all their new toys.
They enjoyed phone calls from grandparents, a video from an aunt, and even got gift cards in the mail!
We spent the evening relaxing (I started sneezing and getting stuffy) and they rounded out their day of fun playing games on the Wii.
It's hard to believe they are 5 years old. They are so grown up. I imagine that by Thursday when we have a new baby in the family they will look even bigger. They are an incredible blessing and bring such joy to our lives.

Happy Birthday Jenna & Asa!

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  1. Wow, our kids are 5! Happy birthday to Jenna & Asa! I love the overlapping party idea...great way to make it extra-fun plus let them keep their individuality. (I know how important that is for twins.) :)